Bedah Hepatobilier Anak

Bedah Hepatobilier Anak

Segera Terbit !!!!

This book was written to give insight into the pediatric hepatobiliary feld for medical students, general practitioners, general surgeons, general surgery fellows, pediatric surgery fellows, pediatric surgeons, and hepatobiliary surgeons, including liver transplantation surgeons.

The beauty of hepatobiliary surgery lies within liver transplantation. It is “a chance to give a life.” How the procedure cures a pediatric patient with a terminal illness, witnessing the devastating impacts of an illness on the patient, and the ability to change an illness into another life after transplantation, has become the most signifcant catalyst that inspired me to create this book. I recognize that this book is not perfect. However, I have done my best to ensure it can reach your hands. My biggest hope is that this book will be able to be used as a tool to provide the best possible care, knowledge, and skill for its’ readers.

About the Author: UI Publishing

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