Understanding Youth Engagement in Climate and Environmental Issues in Indonesia

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Understanding Youth Engagement in Climate and Environmental Issues in Indonesia

The study ‘Understanding Youth Engagement in Climate and Environmental Issues in
Indonesia’ was developed and produced by the Center on Child Protection and Wellbeing at
Universitas Indonesia (PUSKAPA). We thank the youth and non-youth participants who
shared their stories and knowledge during the consultations, focus group discussions, and
interviews for this study. We also thank those who supported the entire process of
conducting this study and preparing the report.

Today’s youth hold the key to a sustainable future, as they will inherit the consequences of
our present actions. Their role in addressing climate change and environmental challenges is
vital, and it is the duty of governments, organizations, and society to ensure they have a
meaningful voice in shaping policy and decision-making. PUSKAPA recognizes the
importance of youth civic engagement as a fundamental right that deserves protection and

It is crucial to emphasize that supporting and protecting youth civic engagement must go
beyond mere tokenism or empty sentiment in program proposals and campaign promises.
Genuine youth involvement requires a commitment to creating spaces where young people
can meaningfully participate in decision-making processes, voice their concerns, and
contribute their ideas and solutions. This requires ongoing investment in capacity-building,
mentorship, and resources that enable youth to become confident and informed advocates.
Only through sustained and meaningful engagement can we ensure that the passion and
potential of our youth are harnessed effectively to drive positive change in climate and
environmental action, as well as in other vital societal issues.

Over the past few years, we have been analyzing and studying youth engagement in various
public policies and socio-political issues in Indonesia. Our study report, “Understanding
Youth Engagement in Climate and Environmental Issues in Indonesia,” delves into the everincreasing
role young people are taking in addressing the urgent crises we face.

The current climate and environmental crises will affect the lives of future generations.
However, it is adults who are making the decisions in terms of preventing and dealing with
these crises, while they are the ones who are less likely to suffer the consequences. Recently,
youths worldwide have become more active in acting against these climate and
environmental crises. What about youths in Indonesia?

Although youth participation is widely touted as essential for addressing climate and
environmental issues, youth participation in Indonesia still faces challenges in tokenism and
exclusion. Various publications on climate and environmental crises have highlighted the
role of Indonesian youths in environmental activism and their adoption of more
environmentally conscious lifestyles. However, their role in advocating for changes in
policy, governance, or practices at the community level has remained underexamined.

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